chuck and eileen, 2010We are Chuck and Eileen O'Shea, computer geeks and Internet-holics who run a consulting business mostly to feed a serious electronic habit. Oh, and we also run - not because anyone is chasing us, but because we love it.

If that little intro left you champing at the bit to know more about us, here are links to other things you might be looking for:

  • osheas::blog
    the lowdown on our day-to-day lives, told in excruciating detail, fully illustrated!
  • ceoconsulting.net
    our business site where we try to get you to hire us. let's cut to the chase and save you some time: hire us! we're great! really! and we'd like to retire before we die. and did we mention we know drupal? he says hi.
  • El Prieto Handicap
    chuck's "little" annual race. sign up early and often! and be sure to lie about your race times. he's very gullible.
  • Los Feliz Flyers
    our running club. we're not fast, but we're faithful.
  • Digital images
    we love to take photos with our digital cameras, and then post them online. we never said we were any good.